How to Determine if You Need Help with Taxes

Email Header 097 1024x512Don’t have the time to do your own taxes? Number-crunching isn’t your thing? Is your tax situation a little more complicated than you think you can handle? Don’t know about all the changes in the past year that can have an impact on your taxes. There’s no shame in reaching out for help from a professional. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to hire Boyer & Boyer, CPA to do your taxes, but mostly because we are accredited and have the experience. Here are some examples of when it would make sense to ask us for help.

The first example of a good time to get in touch with us is if your tax situation has changed within recent years. Did you get a raise, change employment, or needed to incur expenses for your work last year? Do you now have the responsibility of a dependent like a child, sibling, parent, etc.? Has your marital status changed? Did you trade Bitcoin or other crypto currency, sold a property or any other investment? All these instances will affect your tax situation, meaning they could change your tax bracket, credits, deductions, how you file, and, ultimately, how much you will owe. We have multiple clients every year that find themselves in similar situations that we help walk through the tax implications.

The second example of a good time to reach out to us is if you own a business. Owning a business (or do independent/gig work) comes with revenue, expenses, profits, and losses. Not to mention HST/GST and payroll. There are a lot of aspects and even more numbers involved in running a business, which can make filing taxes incredibly difficult and complex. It’s almost always advisable to retain our services when it comes to owning a business.

Another example of a good time to call Boyer & Boyer, CPA is if you are new to the country or leaving the country. If you recently immigrated to Canada and have never filed taxes in the country before or leaving Canada even for a short period of time, it’s a good idea to talk to us.

Lastly, we can help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Tax season doesn’t wait for anyone, and it may come at a time when work is extremely hectic on your side, or a newborn is consuming all of your time. It could be well worth your investment in our services to work with one of our accountants to save yourself the stress of filing your taxes.

So, whether your tax situation has changed, if you own a business, you’re new to the country or just simply overwhelmed, hiring Boyer & Boyer, CPA is a sound decision as it gives you access to expertise and guidance you might not otherwise have, and it frees up your time and money to take advantage of other opportunities.

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